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How to: unfold a silk lantern


How-to: Turn your lantern into a lamp

Silk white lantern as hanging light


The lantern is ideal as a hanging lamp, both with a small European base (E14) and a larger European base (E27). For white and coloured lanterns we recommend a light bulb (max. 25W), even better is an energy-saving lights. If you want to achieve a warmer tint to white lantern, use a candle bulb or a softone energy-saving light up to 25W (light output). In the "Dimensions" page you can find the exact diameter for each lantern.






Tip: "Hemma" by Ikea

Cord set Hemma by IKEA


If you use the lantern as a hanging lamp, the cord set from Ikea, called "Hemma" gives a cost-effective solution. If there is no IKEA in the near area, a cord set is also available in your local hardware or electrical store.





Packaging and unpacking

Each lantern is shipped fold together as a cylinder. The lanterns are packed in a cardboard box. The box contains a clear instruction for the unfolding the lantern. It is easy-peasy and done with your bare hands.



Cleaning the lantern

The lantern can easily be cleaned by wiping it with a lightly dampened cloth.



More examples

For more inspiration, visit the inspiration, or click on the images below.

Farbige Laterne als HangelampWeisse Laterne als Hangelamp

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