Vietnamese silk lanterns Hoi An Vietnam

Is making profit only possible while others loose?

We think NO, Fairtrade is even better or as we call it: Fairshare. Everybody gets his fair share. We believe in creating jobs in developing countries through micro finance.

While I was traveling the world, I came to a special place in Vietnam, Hoi An. Hoi An has been a trading centre for centuries and one of the end points of the famous silk route in the old days. Today, the city still reflects the “openness” of its culture and influence from other cultures in its architecture, food, and handmade products. In the evening Hoi An becomes a different, beautiful sight with all the silk lanterns lighting up the streets, the shops, the restaurants and creating a mysterious yet vibrant and peaceful atmosphere over the old quarter of the town.

Now you can create the mystic and peaceful Asian atmosphere in your own home, the garden, the balcony and so on. All of our lanterns are based on a hand made bamboo frame and then covered with Vietnamese silk in different colors. It is

easy to fix a light bulb on the inside, then the lantern will give a breathtaking glow, which is perfect to enlighten any dark corner.

Since 2010, Lampionsenzo has been involved in Fair Trade, which aims to ensure a fair deal between the handcrafters in Vietnam and our European market.

Lampionsenzo commits itself to:

To pay a fair price to the manufacturers
To pre-financing (100% deposit upon order)
support with free consultancy services for manufacturers
No child labour and forced labour in our workshop in Vietnam
To decent and healthy working conditions

Both sides are expected to benefit from this: the producers through improved market opportunities, a better and more stable income and decent working conditions, but also consumers who appreciate a hand made product, transparent trade routes and originality.

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Picture of the workshop in Vietnam